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I understand that Crowned LLC's purpose is to provide their expertise in pageantry to help clients perform better while preparing and competing for a pageant. I understand that by utilizing the services of Crowned LLC, I am not guaranteed to win or even achieve a placement. Crowned LLC does not guarantee a client's success as we do not control the outcome of any pageant. I understand that there are no refunds for the intangible services provided by Crowned LLC. I understand that Crowned LLC may provide services to multiple clients during a pageant. I understand that I am not to discuss information provided during my sessions with other contestants as the information provided is valuable. Crowned LLC intends to help clients become successful by grasping a better understanding of how to perform well in pageantry. Therefore, I understand that I may not speak ill of Crowned LLC on any social media platform or by word of mouth, regardless of the outcome of my performance in any pageant. Although unlikely, I understand that Crowned LLC reserves the right to terminate services offered without refund for any reason. I understand, under any circumstances, I may not pursue any legal actions against Crowned LLC, or it's owner, Troy Wuyts-Smith for any reason.

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